My research interests are centered around three main questions:

  • What are the phylogenetic relationships of major coral reef fish assemblages?
  • How are animals put together?
  • How do animals eat and move?

By integrating morphological, biomechanical, ecological, and behavioral analyses with phylogenetic hypotheses, I seek to investigate the evolution of complex functional systems. You can see a bit of what I’ve been working on the past several years by clicking here to see the talk I gave at Evolution 2015.

Current Research

  • Phylogenetics of balistoid fishes (PDF)
  • Evolution of cranial morphology in triggerfishes (PDF)
  • Triggefish feeding behavior (ms in prep)
  • Triggerfish jaw biomechanics (ms in prep)
  • Damselfish phylogenetics and body size evolution (ms in prep)
  • Evolution of angelfish & butterflyfish cranial functional morphology (talk @ Evolution 2016)
  • Percomorph phylogenetics