Teaching, mentoring, and outreach

Teaching, mentoring, and outreach are three things I’m very passionate about. To me, scientific literacy is absolutely vital and should be attainable for all. Therefore, it is my philosophy that the real world should be brought into the classroom, and that the classroom should be extended to real world communities through outreach. A science education develops the ability to work individually and in groups, and think independently, creatively, and critically. It involves knowing and using your resources, and effectively communicating your questions and conclusions. The skills gained in a student-centered, active-learning based STEM classroom prepares learners to be conscientious citizens at a time when problem solving and scrutiny of facts are absolutely necessary. I have over ten years of training and experience in primary, secondary, and University classrooms and I work hard to ensure I provide an inclusive, supportive, and engaging learning atmosphere. I look forward to seeking out new opportunities to improve my teaching, enhance student learning, and work collaboratively to provide an effective science education for all.